Tramayne D. Harris, 24, Indianapolis, hold for U. S. Marshall

Todd Betty, 49, Niles, MI, hold for U.S. Marshall

Faustino Stonecipher Martinez, 18, Charlestown, battery

Gregory L. Sanders, 35, Louisville, operator never licensed, warrant (felony)

Sharon Levorne Booth, 52, Lexington, KY, warrant (felony)

Adam Paul Osborne, 39, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Quinton C. Isenhower, 19, Madison, warrant (felony)

Lashaun A. Randle, 35, Indianapolis, hold for U.S. Marshall

Justin Louis Avis, 35, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

James F. McPhall Jr., 38, Jeffersonville, domestic battery, strangulation, invasion of privacy

Oscar Borjas Lopez, 49, New Albany, battery, domestic battery

Nelson McMahan, 62, no address listed, driving while intoxicated, hold for other agency (felony)

Adam Reas, 39, Jeffersonville, aggravated battery, battery committed with weapon, battery with injury to other person, criminal recklessness with weapon, pointing a firearm (loaded)

Lesley Jean Leonard Cochran, 37, Charlestown, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Matthew Keith Burns, 39, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Terra Starr Smith, 31, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony), hold for other agency (felony)

Travis L. Wilks, 43, Pekin, hold for other agency (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Daniel L. Bowling, 36, Corydon, warrant (felony), hold for other agency (felony)

Blake Nichols Austin, 29, no address listed, hold for other agency (felony)

Justin Anthony Harvey, 30, Jeffersonville, invasion of privacy, criminal trespass (prior conviction for same property), driving while intoxicated (prior conviction within seven years), reckless driving, driving while intoxicated (refusal)

Heath Aaron Knight, 20, Sellersburg, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia (possession only)

Valen Dino Provenza Jr., 31, Sellersburg, hold for other agency (felony)


Brianna Nicole Kay Roberts, 26, Salem, warrant (misdemeanor)

Derek Trey Ross, 30, Sellersburg, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Paul Richard Price, 39, no address listed, warrant (felony)

Darien Scot Tatgenhorst, 29, Clarksville, invasion of privacy

Matthew Wayne Taylor, 31, Charlestown, warrant (felony), invasion of privacy

Ariel Allan, 29, Memphis, hold for other agency (felony)

Jenevieve Mae Rumpel, 34, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

James Isaacs, 23, no address listed, carry handgun without license, hold for other agency (felony)

Michael Frankeberger, 34, no address listed, refusal to identify, resisting law enforcement, carry handgun without license, driving while intoxicated

Leland Schilling, 22, no address listed, driving while intoxicated

Alejandra Lin, 31, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated

Alexander Steck, 29, no address listed, driving while intoxicated (refusal)

David Lee, 29, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)



Robert Clayton Booth, 24, Georgetown, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia

Troy Allen Nuby, 55, Columbus, warrant (failure to appear)

Kevin Richard Druin, 45, New Albany, warrant (failure to appear)

Christopher Francis Leonard, 22, Elizabeth, warrant (failure to appear)

Jonathan Thomas Greer, 39, Greenville, warrant

Robert Lee Kremer Jr., 67, New Albany, battery

Dustin Ray Humphrey, 38, no address listed, burglary, theft

Kaine Michael Romero, 22, Lanesville, theft, burglary

Thomas William Heatherly, 49, no address listed, false informing

Archie Donald Eugene Montgomery, 33, New Albany, warrant (failure to appear)

Angela Kay Caulk, 50, New Albany, warrant (violation of parole)

Sara Ashley Ainsley, 38, New Albany (warrant)

Nathan Wesley Terry, 30 New Albany, (warrant)

Jason Aaron Carter, 41, New Albany, warrant (violation of parole)

Maleek Jalin Spalding, 23, Louisville, possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana

Ronald Leroy Smith, 49, Lexington, KY, warrant (failure to appear)


Dakota D. Sharp, 22, Jasper, warrant (failure to appear)

Jaclyn B. Lavey, 42, New Albany, (public intoxication)

Jody Ann Thompson, 64, Georgetown, driving while intoxicated

Jeffrey Mark Laine, 60, New Albany, driving while intoxicated

Patricia James Payne Ollis, 24, New Albany, possession of paraphernalia

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