Silver Creek High School

The West Clark Community Schools board approved a $95 million plan to update existing schools in the district and renovate Silver Creek High School. 

SELLERSBURG — Sellersburg police responded to Silver Creek High School shortly after 11 a.m. after a student found unspent bullets in a school band room. 

Sellersburg Police Chief Russ Whelan said a student found a shotgun shell and a rifle shell on the floor in the back of the room. West Clark Assistant Superintendent Tom Brillhart said the school was put and remains on a heightened sense of security, which means students cannot leave their rooms without supervision.   

Whelan said the school spoke to several students and police searched the school, but nothing else was found. Police did not identify students of interest to interview. Two Sellersburg police officers remain at the high school. 

Whelan said police are not aware of any threats on social media or otherwise. There were three classes held in the band room prior to the bullets being found, he said. 

"We’ve taken all the precautions that we have now or could with the information that we had at the time," Whelan said, adding that he will keep the officers at the high school for the rest of the day.

"My kids don’t go to Silver Creek anymore, but if they did go up there I'd have no problem with them being in school today."

Brillhart asked that anyone with information contact the school or police. 

Elizabeth DePompei is the digital editor for The News and Tribune. She has degrees in journalism and film from the University of Cincinnati and CUNY's Hunter College and was previously the paper's criminal justice reporter.

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