The former Bales Nissan dealership has changed hands, but it is in limbo as to where a new car dealership will locate.

Chris Coyle, president of newly formed Coyle Nissan, said the franchise rights to the dealership were purchased after Nissan ended its deal with Bales, which was located off Broadway Street in Jeffersonville. He would not disclose the purchase price for the franchise.

Coyle explained that Nissan wanted to operate as an exclusive dealership and Bales, which also operates General Motors and Hyundai dealerships, did not want to move from its current location in Jeffersonville where it has operated for 60 years.

A temporary dealership has been set up at 1400 Leisure Way in Clarksville for Coyle Nissan, but details are still being worked out on where its final location will be. What has been determined is that a new site will be constructed.

“They are going to build a new dealership for it,” said Clarksville Redevelopment Director Rick Dickman. “We are going to do everything we can do to get them in Clarksville.”

Coyle explained as part of the agreement with Nissan the company will be building an “NREDI facility.”

According to Nissan’s website, an NREDI — Nissan Retail Environmental Design Initiative — building is part of the company’s brand initiative.

While Dickman said the town is working with the Coyles to try and keep their business within Clarksville’s borders — the family also owns Coyle Chevrolet Superstore off Broadway Street in Clarksville — the manufacturer has a lot to do with where the dealership locates.

Coyle agreed there has been no deal reached on where the future dealership will be located. He added it will likely be along Veterans Parkway, but it could be either on the Clarksville or Jeffersonville side of Interstate 65.

“We would love to have them in Jeffersonville,” said Jeffersonville Economic Development Director Rob Waiz. “We have been in discussions with the Coyle family. We do have several locations we’re looking at.”

Coyle said the dealership will be in its current location for four to six months while the franchisee and Nissan work out the details of a new building.

“It’s a big undertaking right now,” he said.

Waiz added Jeffersonville also hopes to have the dealership locate within its city limits.

When asked if tax breaks will be a part of an offer to Nissan and Coyle he said, “we will probably talk to them about incentives.”

Officials at Bales Auto Mall could not be reached for comment.

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