CLARKSVILLE — Clarksville businessman Michael “Mike” Mustain has announced he will file for the Clarksville Town Council District 4 seat as a Democrat during the upcoming January filing period for the 2019 election. Mustain, and his wife Tammy, own and manage Mustain’s Insurance Agency on Eastern Boulevard in Clarksville, and are members of the Northside Church of Christ in Jeffersonville. He is the minister of the Salem Church of Christ in Shepherdsville, Ky. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Mustain is the Clarksville Rotary Club past president, a past president of the Clarksville Historical Society, co-founder of the Indiana Veterans of the Year, and the 2018 Clark County NAACP Heritage Award recipient, according to a news release. Mustain, with the help of a Rotary grant for equipment and in coordination with the Clarksville Police, was instrumental in bringing DUI/OWI awareness classes to the Clarksville and Providence High School seniors this past year.

Mustain has been active with organizing the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day ceremonies at the Clarksville War Memorial over the past several years and was instrumental in petitioning the current council to designate the park area Veterans Place Park where the War Memorial currently sits, the release stated. He would like to expand the park and memorial to better serve resident veterans, their families, and provide a quiet place for veterans visiting our community.

“We have portions of the town suffering gridlock and other places in need of development,” Mustain stated in the release. “Our police and fire departments need help addressing the needs of our residents and those who fill our stores each day and especially weekends.

“Additionally, I would like to develop a Clarksville Homeless commission and a Minority and Hispanic commission designed to inform and advise the council, so we might better understand and address those needs.”

Mustain also stated he’d like to see considerations for hiring veterans and minorities, as well as regular town hall-style meetings within each district.

The theme for Mustain’s campaign reflects his goals for Clarksville: People not Politics. “To build a better Clarksville we must first be a better Clarksville”. Mustain stated: “If it is a good idea, I don’t care which side of the aisle it came from.”