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SOUTHERN INDIANA — A growing number of candidates have filed to run in the 2023 municipal primary election in Clark and Floyd counties.

Candidate filings are trickling in for municipal seats in Southern Indiana. The deadline to file a declaration of candidacy for the primary is by noon on Friday, Feb. 3.

Monday, April 3 is the deadline for voter registration. The primary election takes place Tuesday, May 2.

In the past week, numerous candidates have filed for municipal council seats in Clark and Floyd counties.


In New Albany, Republican Ed Clere and Democrat Dylan Rash have filed for the mayoral race. Mayor Jeff Gahan, the Democratic incumbent, has not filed for re-election at this time.

Nine candidates have filed for the New Albany City Council race.

Republican Scott W. Whalen and Democrat Maury Golberg are running for at-large seats.

Democratic incumbent Jennie Collier is running for District 1, and Democratic incumbent Adam Dickey is running for District 2.

Democratic incumbent Greg Phipps and Republican Darrell L. Neeley have filed for the District 3 seat. Democrat Christopher Fitzgerald is running for District 4, and Republican Ross Heinz and Democrat Louise Gohman are running for District 5.

Democratic incumbent Vicki Glotzbach is running for re-election as New Albany City Clerk.


As of Friday morning, Republican incumbent Mike Moore was the only candidate to file for the mayoral seat in Jeffersonville.

Seven candidates have filed to run for Jeffersonville City Council.

Republican incumbent Matt Owen and Democrat Evan Stoner have filed for at-large.

Republican incumbent Bill Burns is running for District 2, and Republican incumbent Joe Paris is running for District 3.

Republican Scott Anderson, who was recently appointed to Jeffersonville City Council via caucus, will be running for the District 4 seat. Republican Donnie Croft is running for District 5, and Republican incumbent Steve Webb is running for District 6.

Republican incumbent Lisa Gill is running for re-election as Jeffersonville City Clerk-Treasurer.


Eight candidates have filed to run for Clarksville Town Council.

Democrat Mike Mustain, who is currently serving in the District 4 seat on the town council, has filed to run for the at-large seat.

Republican incumbent Tim Hauber is running for District 1, along with Democrats Christian Barrera and Tony Munich. Democrats Kenny Brown and Adam Rayborn are running for District 2.

Democratic incumbent Ryan Ramsey is running for District 3. Democrat Karen Henderson, who is now serving at-large on the town council, is running for District 4.


Two candidates have filed for Charlestown City Council.

Republican Charles D. Deaton is running for the at-large seat, and Democrat Richard Cannon is running for District 1.

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