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Democratic mayoral candidate Treva Hodges answers questions from an audience Thursday evening in downtown Charlestown. The political forum was open to all candidates seeking office in Charlestown and is the first of four that are scheduled in Clark and Floyd counties, hosted by the League of Women Voters.

CHARLESTOWN — A citizen who vowed to release information that would send “shock waves” about a mayoral candidate if she didn’t drop out of the election followed through with a Facebook post Thursday night.

In the post, John Rogers of Charlestown talked of a case out of Alabama where Charlestown mayoral candidate Treva Hodges, listed as Treva Dean in the report, was questioned about the amount of child support she was paying for her two minor children.

In the report, verified by Hodges, the judge ruled that Hodges increase her child support payments.

“He’s trying to build this that I stopped paying my child support and got in trouble. That’s not what happened here. This is standard procedure with arrearage,” Hodges said, adding that arrearage occurs when someone increases their income and child support needs to be recalculated.

Hodges said since her monthly income changed, the judge ruled that her child support amount increase. Hodges said it is standard practice in Alabama to pay that increase retroactive to the date the case was filed that sought the increase. Since she and her ex-husband couldn’t mediate the case for a year prior to trial, the increase was retroactive to the beginning of that time period.

“The order says I pay $41 additional a month, in addition to my standard child support payments,” Hodges said. “I have never missed a child support payment. I have paid my child support payments as the court has outlined them.”

Hodges said she has run her election on the promise of transparency, but was “disgusted” that Rogers would make public documents that included her children’s names. She added that the judge didn’t have any issue with Hodges pursuing her degree or with her income amount, as were argued by the opposing side.

In Rogers’ video online, he states that he was not put up to the investigation by any candidate or party. He said he posed as a potential employer and called various agencies to find the information.

Rogers blocked the News and Tribune on Facebook after the first article about this issue was published, so he was not able to be reached to comment on this article.

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