CHARLESTOWN – Days after losing his re-electing bid by just 30 votes, Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall is considering his options on whether or not to pursue a recount.

John Spencer, public relations/media director for Charlestown, told the News and Tribune today that Hall will make a formal announcement Tuesday morning.

Hall, who has been mayor for 16 years, won 1,324 of the vote. However, Democratic challenger and political newcomer Treva Hodges came away with 1,354 votes.

“I was shocked,” Hall said immediately after learning the results on Election Day. “I thought it was going to be a close race, but I thought we would win by a comparable number.”

Hall has until Nov. 19 to file for a recount. A county political chairman may file for a recount until noon, Nov. 22, according the Indiana Election Division.

On his Facebook page, Hall explained his reasoning for looking into a recount.

"There are some anomalies in the absentees, provisional ballots and undervotes totals that are being reviewed by our team," Hall wrote.

“I’m not aware of any issues at the voting locations. From what I’ve heard from the clerk’s office, everything went smoothly, so I don’t see a need for a recount,” Hodges said in response to Hall's pending announcement. “But I’m certainly ready to address that if he makes that decision.”

Mayor-elect Hodges said she is moving forward on preparations to take office Jan. 1. She said she hopes the issues can be resolved soon, so that the transition process can begin.

“I think it’s time for us to move forward with the administration the community has chosen,” Hodges said.

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