CHARLESTOWN — New life may soon be coming to the area in Charlestown that was once home to the IGA grocery store.

Mayor Bob Hall said he plans to send out a Request for Proposals (RFP) in the next month or so for the 62 Renaissance Project, which would include townhouses, apartments and retail space, inspired by Norton Commons. The site would be at Ind. 62 and Harrison Street.

"The redevelopment commission is taking blighted areas and buying them and repurposing them into commercial, housing [and more]," Hall said. "The buildings all around [the former IGA] have been empty for years now. The time has come for it to be redeveloped and for it to be put into service again for the community."

Hall said this project fits in with the recent announcement of the apartment and retail space across from the town square.

"We need different housing options for people. We have lots of single family homes going up. We're looking to balance the needs of everyone in the housing market," Hall said. "It'll add more people living downtown, so it'll help the downtown businesses. We think it'll be a win-win to add additional housing opportunities."

The 62 Renaissance Project isn't the only development in the works. The City of Charlestown signed a $36,000 contract with Luckett & Farley to design a potential sports complex and community park on newly acquired 120 acres of land, according to the contract with Luckett & Farley. The plan asks the architects to design something with soccer and baseball fields, a 60-100 square foot recreation center, restoring the existing lake and more. The contract states the plan will be up for input and revisions from the city.

"We have talked for years about the family sports park. We've asked Luckett & Farley to put designs together for us, so we can start having the conversations," Hall said.

The idea of a sports complex is listed in the City of Charlestown's 2016 comprehensive plan.

With the 62 Renaissance Project, if all goes as planned, Hall said he hopes to have it complete in 18 months.

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