Matthew I. Roberts, 23, Floyds Knobs, warrant (felony)

David Ernest Roberson, 27, Georgetown, warrant (felony)

Matthew R. James, 39, New Albany, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug (schedule l or ll drug), possession of methamphetamine

Jessica Dawn Jackson, 39, Carrolton, KY, possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia, driving while suspended (prior conviction), possession of paraphernalia (prior conviction), possession of methamphetamine

Kristina Fay Trowbridge, 29, Jeffersonville, possession of paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine, public intoxication, obstruction of justice, deal schedule IV (controlled substance), possession of cocaine or narcotic drug (schedule I or II drug)

Robert Charles Davis, 56, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony), possession of paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine

Kyle Minor, 24, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Jeremy David Isaac, 41, Louisville, hold for other agency (felony)

Evan Scott Ross, 37, Henryville, legend drug (possession), criminal trespass (entering property after denied entry, theft (shoplifting), unauthorized entry of motor vehicle), possession of methamphetamine, possession of controlled substance (misdemeanor)

Timothy Gene Griffin Jr., 47, Palmyra, court order return

Alexander Levi Wilson, 35, Jeffersonville, battery (bodily injury to public safety official), resisting law enforcement

Robert Allen Davis, 53, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Chasity Lynn Rose, 38, Madison, possession of paraphernalia (prior conviction), possession of methamphetamine

James A. Ogle, 33, Charlestown, warrant (misdemeanor)

Ricky Henderson, 33, Sellersburg, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, battery (no injury)

Theresa Reene Pascaul, 48, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Brandon Brown, 24, Jeffersonville, disorderly conduct, intimidation with a weapon, resisting law enforcement

Julie A. Lawson, 45, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Troy B. Colon, 51, Louisville, possession of controlled substance (misdemeanor), theft, resisting law enforcement (suspect used a vehicle), legend drug (possession)

Joshua Edward Cannon, 28, Memphis, warrant (felony), hold for other agency (felony)

Curtis Lane Wadkins, 59, Henryville, warrant (felony)

Kori Lee Summer, 24, Jeffersonville, hold for other agency (felony)

Jesse Thomas Richardson, 28, Clarksville, possession of methamphetamine


Zachary T. Lanham, 37, Sellersburg, warrant (felony)

Brayan Alex Mondragon Jaramillo, 25, Clarksville, driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident

Michael Eugene Bierly, 52, Memphis, battery (no injury)

Phillip Wayne Barron, 38, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated

Bryan Anthony Smithers, 37, Jeffersonville, resisting law enforcement (suspect uses a vehicle)

Leah Connor, 31, Louisville, possession of a controlled substance (schedule I), reckless driving, driving while intoxicated (refusal)

Joshua Michael Ward, 32, Clarksville, possession of syringe, obstruction of justice

Arthur Lewis Lloyd, 58, Louisville, warrant (felony)


Jon R. Shuppert, 37, New Albany, residential entry

Timothy L. Fromich, 55, New Albany, warrant (failure to appear)

Nickolas C. Wedding, 31, New Albany, warrant (violation of parole)

Devan A. Travis, 34, New Albany, warrant (violation of parole)

Chase C. Mason, 20, Salem, warrant (violation of parole)

Lucas M. Jones, 20, Corydon, warrant (failure to appear)

Timothy L. Smith, 38, Louisville, possession of marijuana, resisting law enforcement

Tajakcus B. Wingfield, 29, Louisville, possess handgun without license, theft (firearm)

James L Kindwell, 35, no address listed, warrant (violation of parole)

John E. Baxter, 32, New Salisbury, habitual traffic violator, driving while intoxicated (prior)

Donald R. Walker, 42, New Albany, public intoxication, disorderly conduct


Kelsey N. Newlin, 26, Clarksville, driving while intoxicated

Autumn R. Ronan Phillips, 30, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated (causing injury)

Dakota R. Robinson, 27, Louisville, driving while intoxicated (endangering)

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