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Kyle Lanoue

NEW ALBANY — Kyle Lanoue says he plans to “smash the pedal to the floor” as he begins leadership of Prosser Career Education Center’s career and technical education programs.

The New Albany-Floyd County school board voted unanimously Monday to appoint Lanoue as new CTE program director. He is replacing Alan Taylor, who recently stepped down as Prosser’s CTE director after 13 years.

Lanoue said he is “humbled and incredibly gracious” for the opportunity to lead Prosser’s CTE programming, and he describes the position as his “dream job.”

“I believe deeply in what Prosser stands for and the philosophy, so to be able to take the helm, so to speak, is quite an honor.”

He hopes to build upon the momentum built by Taylor, and he says he is diving into his work with “full steam and full enthusiasm.”

Lanoue will be working side by side with Prosser Principal Nancy Campbell to lead the New Albany school.

Campbell said Lanoue is a leader who has developed business partnerships in the community and understands his “mission to continue to be the promoter of not just what we do at Prosser, but in the region.”

Lanoue has worked for 20 years in education from the elementary to university level.

He has been Prosser’s assistant principal since July, and he has been a principal at numerous elementary schools in NAFC, including 10 years at Grant Line Elementary.

He has a background in CTE, and before coming to Floyd County, he taught career education classes at Brown County High School. He also taught CTE for three years at Indiana State University.

His goals include expanding the adult education programs at Prosser, Lanoue said.

“We want to be a place for adults to turn to for really critical education, especially for those skills that are so much in demand in society,” he said. “Welding is a good example. It’s difficult to find good welders, and we have two of the finest instructors we’ve ever seen. “

“To share their skills not only with [teenagers] but more non-traditional students is very important,” Lanoue said.

He also hopes to expand community partnerships to provide students with even more access to internships, apprenticeships and opportunities with post-secondary institutions, he said.

Lanoue said his primary job is to develop and hone high-quality programming at Prosser as well as to spread the word about the programs offered at the school through marketing campaigns.

“While there is work to do to develop programs, more than anything we want to get the word out so people know how good the programs are,” he said.

NAFC Superintendent Brad Snyder said Lanoue will bring “new eyes, new perspective and new energy.” He noted Lanoue’s blend of CTE background and administrative experience.

“He brings a certain freshness about him and a certain level of new energy, and we have every confidence that he’s going to do well,” Snyder said. “

Louis Jensen, associate superintendent at NAFC, said that in addition to Lanoue’s extensive building-level experience as a leader and background in CTE, he is impressed by his communication skills.

“I think he’s going to be an individual who brings a lot of energy and passion to the CTE world, and we’re really going to support him in his ability to market Prosser to be not just the best CTE center in the state but the best CTE center in the Midwest,” Jensen said.

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