Police cracked open a burglary case in Henryville, after a neighbor asked to speak to police and had items that were reported missing in his vehicle.

According to the probable cause affidavit, police went to Forestry Road on May 10 after a woman reported her house had been broken into. The woman started to try to figure out what was missing, and told police about the items she noticed right off — a BB gun, pellet gun, a guitar and “Star Wars” collectible items. As the officer was taking photos of the window that was broken into, neighbor Eric M. Wilson, 27, told the officer that he lived next door and would be inside if the officer needed him to answer any questions.

Once the officer finished at the woman’s home, he went over to question Wilson. On his way there, he noticed Wilson’s Chevrolet Blazer with two long guns and a guitar case in the back seat. When the officer questioned Wilson, he said he did not see anyone on the woman’s property. Wilson also said he did not own any guns or a guitar. The officer then questioned him about the ones in his vehicle, and Wilson said the woman let him borrow those guns and the guitar because he wanted to learn how to play.

Wilson then took the officer to his vehicle where he showed him the items he allegedly borrowed. He said he was done with them and the officer could give them back to her.

Police found the BB gun, pellet gun, guitar, “Star Wars” collectibles and many items the woman was unaware were gone, including various collectibles, digital cameras and more.

After further questioning, Wilson told police that he entered the house through a window. He said he planned on keeping the items for himself and had also taken pills that he had hoped to sell.

Wilson is charged with burglary, a class B felony, where he faces six to 20 years in prison if convicted.

No attorney was listed online for Wilson.

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