Milton Clayton

Milton Clayton

EDITOR’S NOTE: The survey responses by Milton Clayton, candidate for school board of Greater Clark County Schools, were not included in the News and Tribune’s Voters’ Guide, published Wednesday, due to a submission error.

MILTON CLAYTON, 71 (incumbent)

Office seeking: Greater Clark County School Board District 6

Education: Doctorate in Education

Relevant experience: Retired Teacher, Counselor, Director, Admin. To Superintendent

Website or Facebook:

1. Why do you think you would be a good board member?

This would be my second term if elected. I had 36 years in working with the Board of School Trustees and retired after 41 years in education. I am knowledgeable about school administration from most aspects or viewpoints as a parent, teacher, counselor, principal, director, and as an administrator asst. to the superintendent. Finally, I feel that I have been thus far a good representative for the board and open to student, parent, and community concerns.

2. How do you feel about the way the district has handled the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and do you feel anything should be handled differently?

I feel we have been ahead in planning for a safe return for students and providing options for parents according to local health department. I voted for students to return with mask, which I was on the losing vote, but a week later the Governor required that students must wear mask.

3. What are the biggest challenges facing the district, and how would you attempt to address these issues if elected?

Budget is always a priority in education and we are putting things in place with our new CFO that will allow us to address many of our shortfalls in funding. We need to make [our] buildings energy efficient.

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