A Clarksville man was stabbed Tuesday night leaving more than two inches of the knife broken off inside his skull, police reports said.

Dwayne L. Cox, 37, of the 1500 block of Johnson Lane, was allegedly attacked at a New Albany apartment by Richard C. Works, 52, of 1506 E. Elm St. in New Albany. Works was arrested after the incident and is being held at the Floyd County Jail on charges of battery.

While being treated at Clark Memorial Hospital, Cox told police he and Works got into a fight about 10:30 p.m. outside the Elm Street apartment. Cox said he was intoxicated at the time, but he remembered seeing a “flashy colored object” coming at the left side of his head, police reports said.

Works told police Cox was at the apartment, was very intoxicated and was disrespectful to Works’ girlfriend. Cox left the apartment when Works asked him to, but he later returned and demanded he let him back into the apartment. When Works went out to confront him, he said Cox punched him in the jaw, knocked him to the ground and continued to hit him.

Works said he reached into his pocket to retrieve a knife and began “slashing it back and forth” eventually striking Cox in the head, the police report said.

Works told police he threw the knife in the kitchen garbage can which he then placed in a City of New Albany trash can. Police were able to locate the knife and took it into evidence, the police report said.

Works’ girlfriend, Tina M. Kelley, who resides with Works on Elm Street, told police Cox slept on the floor of the apartment after the fight and left numerous blood stains on the carpet and on the front porch. She wasn’t aware he had been stabbed in the head, and she told police she had never seen a knife.

Doctors at Clark Memorial Hospital told police the knife had penetrated Cox’s brain, and he would be transferred to University Hospital in Louisville for surgical evaluation. A nursing supervisor at University Hospital said Wednesday afternoon that he was in surgery and his condition was not yet available.

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