There was a time when an employee of the Clarksville Wastewater Department knew exactly where every line and manhole was. But that employee died, and with it went the knowledge of the system, according to Clarksville Town Council President Bob Polston.

The town council took action Tuesday to ensure that the town’s sanitary sewer system is properly mapped when it voted unanimously to enter into a $206,000 contract with Stantec to update the town’s geographic information system, or GIS, with a correct layer for the system.

“According to our wastewater department and our project coordinator, we don’t have a real good handle on where our lines are, and so we do a lot of hunting and not finding what we need,” Polston said. “So we decided we need to get a handle on where our structure for sewers are and map it out so it doesn’t do like it has currently.”

Polston said that according to town Project Coordinator Brittany Montgomery, $150,000 had been earmarked for the project. He said he expected the balance to be paid out of the bond the town issued to pay for its new wastewater treatment facility.

“We need to do it now, upgrade it from time to time so that it doesn’t happen to the next generation,” Polston said.

The GIS layer will include a comprehensive inventory of the town’s sewer lines and manholes, including identification numbers, condition, material, inflow and outflow, among other statistics, according to Town Attorney Rebecca Lockard.

“It will tell us where the flow is coming from, where it’s going to, how big the pipe is, how much flow is going through there, so that we can put it on our GIS system,” Lockard said, “and then that way, if there’s an issue, we can pull it up on the GIS and see what’s at that location, what the problems are.”

Montgomery was not present at the meeting. Wastewater Department Superintendent Michial Otto was not available for comment after the meeting concluded.


Town Council member Bob Popp reminded those in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting that the town’s place in African American history will be discussed at a presentation at the Clarksville branch of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library on Tuesday, Feb. 25, from 6 to 7 p.m.


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