JEFFERSONVILLE — A new eatery and coffee shop is set to join the increasingly vibrant Spring Street corridor in Jeffersonville this fall.

To fill the void left by former tenant Too Tired when it ceased operations this past April, the proprietors of neighboring bar the Alcove — Chris Palmer and Dan Mahony — will try their hand at the caffeine and deli business. The team will not only be serving up coffee, but dishing out sandwiches and homemade sides as well, all while continuing to quench their patrons' thirst at the bar.

Their philosophy is best summed up by their prospective first tagline — "cold cuts, cold brews, hot coffee, hot dudes."

Since opening up last October, the Alcove has been without a full kitchen, instead only offering small snacks.

"We thought we could open just a bar [at the Alcove], and it turns out those days are in the past," Palmer said. "I guess the ambiance is nice enough here where people walk in all the time and ask to see a menu. When we found a place two doors down, we thought it was close enough to open our kitchen."

Hence the new establishment's name — Close Enough Cafe. Joining the original pair on the venture will be head chef Chris Pelley and Ryan Mahony, who will oversee coffee operations.

"The emphasis is going to be on grab-and-go style lunches," Palmer said. "We'll have spaces to seat guests, but all in all probably only about 35 seats over there. We want to be able to have hot and cold sandwiches, with the menu split about 50-50. There are going to be some breakfast options."

Normal hours of operation will range from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week. Like the Alcove, Close Enough will be closed on Tuesdays.

"We're attempting to break the freeze on Spring Street of this Monday graveyard they have going on," Palmer said. "Nothing else is really open to eat or drink on this street on Monday nights."

To get their food, Palmer said they will source from within a 200-mile radius when possible, which will include partnerships with Louisville businesses like Red Hog and Blue Dog Bakery.

For the coffee end of the business, Palmer has plans to be a "coffee spot for coffee drinkers."

"Our coffee menu is not going to be quite as extensive as some of the others in the area," he said. "We'll be able to do your macchiatos, lattes, espressos and Americanos. We're not going to have an extreme amount of like java chip frappucinos or smoothies or anything like that. It's primarily going to be good, strong coffee."

When normal business hours end, focus will shift to supplying food for customers at the Alcove. From 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., menu items will be available at the bar for the first time in its existence.

"Once the doors are closed, we really only have to employ kitchen staff," Palmer said. "They'll be in there, the tickets will roll, and they'll just bring the food over here."

Something unique brought to the table outside of food and beverage offerings will be programs for the community to get involved with. At the Alcove, Palmer said his team recycles all glass, aluminum and cardboard. At Close Enough, he intends to stay environmentally conscious by providing communal composting.

"Anyone in the community can bring a five gallon bucket and come get some," Palmer said. "Fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds and things like that that we burn through will be going into that community composting bin. That way we're not wasting a ton."

On Friday, customers will be able to get a preview of Close Enough's menu, as the Alcove will hold its own event to coincide with the Catalina Wine Mixer in California.

"We're going to have some of the charcuterie and some of the ingredients that we'll be using over there on platters here from 7-9 p.m.," Palmer said. "We have a wine rep coming in, and he'll be doing a bunch of wine samples and flights with the people that are here that evening. It's an opportunity for people to get to taste test some of the stuff we'll be doing."

Palmer hopes to open Close Enough on Oct. 12, the same day as the Alcove's one-year anniversary.

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