Fables at the Table

JEFFERSONVILLE — The NoCo Arts Center in downtown Jeffersonville will soon be sizzling in the month of July with activities centered on the stories of Aesop’s Fables, which will culminate in a capstone piece of artwork.

The city of Jeffersonville, the Jeffersonville Public Art Commission and the Jeffersonville Public Library have been working “behind the scenes” for the past six months in preparation for a myriad of activities happening the last two full weeks of July, which center around the art of the fable, called "Fables at the Table."

"This educational experience not only offers a myriad of unique and free family fun opportunities in the month of July," said Dawn Spyker, the city's public arts administrator. "It also offers the chance to get creative, be creative or become creative — no experience necessary. That's what we're here for."

An art exhibition, guest artist lecture, community making sessions and children’s workshops will all be a part of this special literary infused creative programming at the center, 628 Michigan Ave.

The culminating feature to these activities will be a 14-foot tall sculpture designed by guest artist-in-residence, Brian Somerville. The final piece will be a collaborative effort between Somerville and the community with an intended install time frame of August 2019.

The final piece will serve as a gateway sculpture to the new NoCo Arts & Cultural District and will depict the Aesop Fable — "The Lion & the Oxen" — with a poignant moral of “united we stand, divided we fall.” It's a fitting moral for a fast developing district, community and region.

"This fable-inspired program really showcases the best of what NoCo is all about," Spyker said. "Community, creativity, learning — together."

For more information visit www.facebook.com/JeffersonvilleArt or www.facebook.com/jeffartsdistrict.