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Tim Kamer has been caucused in to fill the Floyd County Commissioners' District 3 vacancy.

NEW ALBANY — The Floyd County Republican Party has selected the newest member of the Floyd County Commissioners.

On Thursday, a caucus was held at the Calumet Club in New Albany to hear from potential appointees. Out of the six who tossed their hats into the ring for the District 3 seat, the caucus ultimately landed on Tim Kamer.

Kamer will take the place of Billy Stewart, who resigned from his post as president of the commissioners in December to expand his role at Hofmann USA.

A trait of Kamer's that separated him from the pack is the experience he's gathered as a project management professional (PMP). He currently works in strategy and program and project management at Samtec.

"We look at big, major initiatives that we need to invest in," he said. "We do some risk analysis and some cost-benefit analysis and really figure out the right decisions. They look to me to help coordinate the team members and the resources to make sure we're doing the right thing."

Those skills that have been gathered in the private sector, Kamer said, mirror the duties of a commissioner as a public official.

"You can look at the government sector and the private sector almost in the same lense from a resource management perspective," Kamer said. "I think being able to translate those skills over into the government to manage human resources, capital, risks and other major issues gives me a little leg up, because I have the outside influence."

It was a long night for the caucus, lasting roughly two hours. Floyd County Republican Party Chair and president of the commissioners Shawn Carruthers said the caucus slowly whittled down the pool of candidates, with the process consisting of three rounds.

Each round saw the elimination of two candidates until Kamer was the last man standing.

"I think it was his professionalism and his demeanor," Carruthers said of Kamer. "I think he worked hard prior to the caucus. We had other people speak for him and lobby on his behalf. That also helped him."

Fellow commissioner John Schellenberger said he's happy with the choice made by the party.

"He is a PMP, and I am, too," he said. "Having said that, we needed someone very structured, methodical and analytical. He's going to bring a lot of those qualities to the commissioners. I'm really excited about the choice the caucus made."

In his role as a commissioner, Kamer said a couple of issues stand out as particularly important. First and foremost, he said, is making sure the funds from the county's sale of Baptist Health Floyd are used in a fiscally-responsible manner.

The other issue he has his eye on is the ongoing evaluation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the county. He wants EMS to not just provide status quo service, but to exceed in their performance.

"I've always wanted to give back to the community and use the skills that I've acquired over the last 15 years," Kamer said. "I knew those would translate well into the public sector, so I was just waiting for the right opportunity where I can invest the time and energy and use those skills to benefit the community."

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