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The Greater Clark County Schools board voted Tuesday to name two athletic fields at Jeffersonville High School in honor of former coaches David Hatfield and Bill Ware. From left are Jeffersonville High School Principal Pam Hall, David Hatfield, Bill Ware, Board President John Buckwalter and Greater Clark Deputy Superintendent Kim Hartlage.

JEFFERSONVILLE — Greater Clark County Schools is honoring two longtime coaches at Jeffersonville High School.

The Greater Clark school board voted Tuesday to name the remodeled softball and football fields at Jeffersonville High School after two coaches who served the Red Devils for decades.

The new softball field has been named the David K. Hatfield Softball Field, and the new football field has been named the Bill Ware Football Field.

Jeffersonville High School Principal Pam Hall said both David Hatfield and Bill Ware made a huge difference in their tenure at Jeffersonville High School.

“It’s really special when you have so many people impacted by coaches both on the field and in the classroom,” she said. “Honoring these coaches in this way is such a special, long-overdue honor.”

In its recommendation to the school board, the Greater Clark administration described the lasting impact the two coaches made in the community:

“Jeffersonville High School has a rich history in producing successful student athletes. The success of these individuals has been greatly impacted by two of the finest coaches in our school’s history.”

Hall said there will be formal ceremonies to celebrate the renaming and honor both coaches. The details will be announced at a later date.

Hatfield has served for seven decades in Greater Clark. He started teaching in the old Utica Elementary in 1962. He has coached sports such as football, softball and gymnastics at Jeffersonville High School.

He retired from coaching softball after the 1989 season, and he continues to work as a substitute teacher at Jeffersonville High School.

Hatfield was involved in the formation of the softball program. When the program began in the late 1970s, “there was no money in the athletic budget whatsoever,” he said. For the first couple of years, the team wore shirts from old basketball uniforms, he said.

The softball program started with slow pitch before it transitioned to fast pitch under Hatfield’s leadership. He coached 25 players who later played at the collegiate level, and many pursued careers as coaches.

Hall noted that Hatfield, along with another coach at the school, put his own effort into constructing the original softball field at the school, and he even recycled a fence from the old football field to enclose the field.

The “Red Devils are in his DNA,” Hall said.

Ware served for nearly 20 years as the school’s football coach. He was hired in 1981 as the head football coach for Jeffersonville High School, and he served as coach until 2000. In his tenure as coach, the team had 100 career wins and won three sectional championships.

He also coached 150 football players who later competed at the collegiate level, along with two players who made it to the National Football League. Many of his former players have also gone on to become coaches.

Hall said Ware was more than a coach to his players.

“I think he did such a great job of modeling these players into men and serving as a mentor and father figure,” she said.

Ware described the honor from Greater Clark as “the greatest tribute I’ve had in my entire life.

“I’m humbled and honored to have received such a distinction,” he said.

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