CLARK COUNTY (WAVE) — When Indiana opened vaccine signups for those 70 and older last Wednesday, Clark County resident Diane Krall immediately logged on to register.

Krall pulled out both her iPad and iPhone and pulled up the browser.

“This was stress,” Krall told WAVE 3 News. “It was stress because all I could think about is, ‘What if I don’t get in? I want this vaccine as soon as possible.’”

After a 90-plus minute wait, she successfully registered both herself and her husband, albeit on different dates.

“I don’t know what’s considered easy in this era now,” Krall said. “For me (the registration process) was OK. It was nerve-racking, but it worked.”

However, in Harrison County, Glenn Wuest had a different experience.

“All the appointments were full,” Wuest said. “I went through all the appointments up until the middle of July, and I said, ‘This is crazy. They can’t be all booked up totally until the middle of July.’”

Wuest later discovered the Harrison County Health Department was waiting to receive more doses before opening additional appointment slots. All the county’s shots on hand had already been spoken for.

Wuest then was quickly able to find an open appointment for Jan. 26 in a neighboring county.

Indiana health officials told reporters during a press conference Wednesday the issues are likely due to high traffic on the registration sites and lack of doses, not vaccination site capacity.

The state looks at each county’s population size using Census data to determine how many doses of the vaccine each area will receive, according to WAVE 3 News. Once the shots arrive, officials then track how many doses the counties are using.

“If we see they’re at 100 percent capacity, they’re using up all their vaccine slots, but another area isn’t, one, we look at why isn’t that other area meeting their population expectations there, but two, we look to reallocate by either moving vaccine, but most of the time it’s just making sure we’re making those adjustments weekly to make sure we’re getting the vaccine where it’s needed,” Indiana State Health Department Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lindsay Weaver said.

State health officials ask the public to be patient when signing up for the vaccine. They advise for a person who cannot find an available appointment in their county to either wait until one opens up or register to receive the shot in a different county.

However, people will have to return to the same county to take the second booster shot.

Hoosiers can register at or call 211 or their local health departments to sign up to receive the vaccine.

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