SOUTHERN INDIANA — It was a Primary election dominated by incumbents in Floyd and Clark counties.

Both incumbent Floyd County Commissioners, Tim Kamer and John Schellenberger, easily won their re-election bids Tuesday.

Kamer defeated Allan Smith in the Republican District 3 race with 3,875 votes to 2,276, or 63% to 37%.

“Honestly, a lot of it has to do with the relationships I’ve built in the last few months,” Kamer said of his landslide victory.

“I think a lot of people have identified the work we’ve done and realize we have a lot of work still to do.”

In District 2, Schellenberger beat challenger and Floyd County Councilman Adam Roberts with 4,060 votes to 2,834, or 58.89% to 41.11%.

“I ran a very positive campaign and I focused on my accomplishments, and I focused on moving Floyd County forward,” said Schellenberger of his GOP Primary victory.

Kamer will face Thomas Lenfert, who ran unopposed in the Democratic primary, in the November runoff. Jeremy Shumate was also unopposed in the District 2 primary and will face Schellenberger in the fall.

The commissioners consist of three Republicans, as Shawn Carruthers is the third member of the body, though his seat isn’t up for election this year.

Schellenberger said the trio works well together and believes the results Tuesday speak to their popularity with voters.

“We all represent our districts, but we all three represent Floyd County and we put the people first,” he said.

In Clark County, incumbent Republican Jack Coffman easily won his primary battle against Les Young, a former Clark County commissioner.

Coffman received 61.09% of the vote, garnering 5,499 votes to Young’s 3,503.

Vissing leads Clark County field

Kevin Vissing is the lone incumbent at-large Clark County Council member running for re-election this year, and he led a field of five in the Primary with 5,770 votes, or 26.18%.

David Ray Abbott finished second with 4,899 votes, or 22.23%, and John Miller was third with 4,444 votes or 20.17%.

The three will face the top three vote-getters from the Democratic side for the three open positions in November.

Brandy Brewer led the Democratic slate in the council at-large Primary, garnering 6,471 votes, or 33.98%.

Jaime Hunt also advances to the November runoff after securing 5,185 votes, or 27.23%, followed by Larry Jordan Jr., who won the third slot with 4,008 votes, or 21.05%.

Dale Bagshaw was the only incumbent at-large member of the Floyd County Council facing a Primary challenge Tuesday.

Bagshaw was one of five Republicans seeking one of three slots to advance to the November election, and he led the Primary with 3,907 votes, or 23.72%. Douglas Wacker finished second with 3,335 votes, or 20.24%, and Connie Moon won the final nomination with 3,303 votes, or 20.05%.

Democrats Brad Striegel (incumbent), Leslie Knable (incumbent) and Calle Janson ran unopposed in the at-large Democratic Primary. The six candidates will vie for three council seats in November.

In other Floyd County primaries, Greg Roution won the GOP race for Floyd County Coroner with 2,507 votes, or 38.62% in a three-person runoff.

Steve Burks easily won the three-candidate Republican Primary for county Treasurer with 3,320 votes, or 50.69%.

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