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State Rep. Zach Payne, R-Charlestown

INDIANA — A bill to break down barriers for young, low-income workers looking to obtain in-demand job skills has been signed into law, which Rep. Zach Payne (R-Charlestown) hopes will help lift up Hoosier families.

Currently, all money earned in a household is used to determine eligibility for Temporary Assistance For Needy Families benefits. TANF is a program that provides cash assistance and supportive services to assist families with children under age 18, helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency.

House Enrolled Act 1009, which Payne supported, will allow a Hoosier who is 24 years old or younger and residing in a home receiving TANF, to earn up to $15,000 without impacting the family’s TANF eligibility, Payne said in a news release. He said this could incentivize students from low-income families to pursue a college degree or workforce certificate, or participate in a pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program.

“This new law is a great opportunity to strengthen our workforce and remove roadblocks for young Hoosiers from low-income families,” Payne said. “These Hoosiers should not have to worry about their family losing financial assistance because they want to gain new skills or enroll in a work-based learning program that could help launch them into a career.”

Payne said this legislation will also increase the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit to 10%, which could put more than $11 million back into the hands of low-income working families each year.

To read the legislation the governor recently signed, go to

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