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SELLERSBURG — Ivy Tech Community College educators didn’t want children to miss out on Kids College this summer, so they’ve created a free Virtual Kids College.

They will post two videos each week for children to watch and participate in. They have taken some of their most popular classes and converted them into presentations (demonstrations, information and directions) that children can watch and follow along with at home.

Most of the materials children will need are household items, but some may need to be gathered at the beginning of the video. These classes are tailored for children going into second through fifth grade, but younger children simply may need some adult assistance. Older children who would like to participate are welcome as well.

Find links to all four videos posted below:

• “Inventors and Engineers — Balloon Car and Little Pigs” https://youtu.be/de2RSLgSzY4

• “Virtual Theater — Mini Movie-making” https://youtu.be/WmfnvEFHAVI

• “Sweet Treats — Pig Cupcake, Cookie Sandwich Energy Balls” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgl8UA1hFBE

• “Inventors and Engineers — Fountain and Boat” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t3R14ipA9Y&t=6s

People are welcome to share the links with family and friends.

While the virtual activities are available at no cost, voluntary financial donations for Kids College can be made through this link: https://connect.ivytech.edu/kidscollege2020

Ivy Tech hopes to host in-person Kids College over winter break and again next summer.

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