Jail Activity Stock



Wanda K. Pillow, 68, Charlestown, warrant (misdemeanor)

Shannon A. Walton Sr., 53, New Albany, warrant (misdemeanor)

Tammy Lynn Pilkerton, 48, Louisville, theft (unspecified), resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass with prior conviction for same property, public intoxication

Daryl A. Townsend, 34, Clarksville, resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass with prior conviction for same property, public intoxication

Jalontey Anthony Davon Webb, 18, New Albany, theft (unspecified), carrying handgun without license

Crystal M. Pizarro, 28, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Lamont Antonio Keten, 42, Fridley, MN, warrant (misdemeanor)

Kimberly Kay Snell, 43, Clarksville, warrant (felony), false informing/reporting, warrant (misdemeanor)

Timothy S. Woodruff, 61, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Terrance D. Mansfield, 40, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Lindsey R. Mangold, 31, Vevay, warrant (felony)

Cassondra Rene Spivey, 32, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Amy N. Lovingood, 38, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Tabatha Dawn Newton, 30, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Jerry Charles Kern, 62, Sellersburg, warrant (felony)

Jabril E. Jones, 21, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Carl David Amos Jr., 56, Jeffersonville, court order return

Tianna Melia Weatherford, 29, Seattle, warrant (misdemeanor)

Jasmyne Deshaul Floyd, 31, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Thyler Jonathan Ramone Brown, 23, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Brittany K. Rye, 28, New Castle, warrant (misdemeanor)

Emzy McClelland Thornsbury, 29, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Brandy Lynn Burton, 41, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Anthohy Scott McCauley, 21, Shepherdsville, KY., warrant (misdemeanor)

George Shane Lee White, 31, New Albany, warrant (felony)

Sean Ray Withers, 40, New Albany, warrant (felony)

Alexandria Jo Scribner-Hunt, 26, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Hayley R. Kleer, 29, New Albany, warrant (misdemeanor)

Melissa Kay Doyle, 44, Jeffersonville, possession of syringe, deal cocaine or narcotic, criminal trespass, prior conviction for same property

Christopher Alan Rumpel, 37, Jeffersonville, invasion of privacy

Jenevieve Mae Rumpel, 31, Jeffersonville, invasion of privacy

Katherine Leigh Lanham, 28, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

Emily Elizabeth Yates, 28, New Albany, warrant (misdemeanor)






Eric K. Luallen, 38, Sellersburg, warrant, false informing, theft


Toni M. Maddox, 53, Jeffersonville, warrant, theft, criminal trespass

Tavon D. Hairston, 24, Chicago, warrant, forgery, obtaining a controlled substance by fraud

Christopher S. Ferguson, 34, Clarksville, warrant, escape, driving while suspended prior, warrant

John D. Lawson, 32, Clarksville, warrant, theft prior

Don A. Burkhead, 32, Charlestown, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia



William M. Copas, 23, Clarksville, theft