John M. Trusty, 53, no address listed, warrant (misdemeanor)

Dakota Lee Woosley, 23, New Albany, warrant (misdemeanor)

Brittany Shawndria Bard, 33, New Albany, warrant (felony)

Anthony Wayne Babbs, 42, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

Todd Austin Masters, 25, Clarksville, court order return

Laura Marie Crum, 30, Louisville, warrant (felony)

William Douglas Cooper Jr., 32, Marysville, warrant (felony)

Donna Louise Pumphrey, 39, Henryville, warrant (felony)

Courtney Michelle Rosenberger, 19, Clarksville,warrant (misdemeanor)

Lloyd Crump, 35, Memphis, warrant (felony)

Tevin Xavier Bonner, 27, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor), hold for other agency

Jessica Lynn Ross, 30, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Mark William Small, 25, Sellersburg, warrant (misdemeanor)

Christopher Alan Rumpel, 37, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor), possession of methamphetamine

William Robert McGee, 25, Jeffersonville, possession of methamphetamine, possession of syringe, counterfeiting, possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia (possession only)

Andre Westmoreland, 53, Jeffersonville, dealing methamphetamine, possession of controlled substance Schedule I-IV, operator never licensed

Danielle Faye Lindsay, 34, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated


Brennen D. Payne, 23, Louisville, warrant (felony)



Kevin R. Druin, 42, Clarksville, domestic battery

Lachera R. Harraway, 23, no address listed, battery, resisting law enforcement, theft, unauthorized entry of motor vehicle

Victor L. Barbour Jr., 34, Cincinnati, OH, warrant, failure to appear on auto theft

Anthony W. Babbs, 42, Clarksville, warrant, violation of parole, possession of methamphetamine

Timothy N. McCutcheon, 29, Sellersburg, warrant, violation of parole, unlawful possession of syringe

Aaron A. Cahill, 37, Depauw, warrant, failure to appear, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person

Ricky O. Workman Jr., 19, Louisville, warrant, failure to appear, possession of narcotic drug, carrying handgun without a license, possession of marijuana

Giesy N. Claros Iraheta, 18, Minnesota, operating without ever receiving a license

Douglas R. Lynch, 29, Jeffersonville, warrant, failure to appear, auto theft


Stephen C. Davis, 40, New Albany, warrant, failure to appear, battery with serious bodily injury

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