Jail Activity



Adrian Kashife Allen, 34, Clarksville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Gregory Alan Broy Jr., 41, Jeffersonville, court order return

David Alan Mosier, 44, Salem, court order return

Lyndsey Katherine Spencer, 34, Louisville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor),

Blair Eli Hoskinson, 31, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Angela Martin, 39, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Ashley Nicole Bower, 35, Louisville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Patrick Bruce Davidson, 48, Taylorsville, KY, theft

Donna Romero, 40, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Tasha Rasheda Jennings, 44, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Michael Wayne Vest, 35, Tell City, court order return

Jeromy Lee Nelson, 38, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Julia N. Louisville 20, Floyds Knobs, refusal to identify

Gregory W. Portman Jr., 38, Charlestown, warrant (misdemeanor), possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, possession of use of Legend Drug or Precursor

Donald Frederick Dean, 28, New Albany, warrant (felony), resisting law enforcement

Adrian J. Wood, 43, New Albany, hold for other agency (felony)

Patrick Andrew Crocker, 28, Jeffersonville, domestic battery

David S. Ritter, 46, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Gavin Broc Nicholson, 32, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving

Shirley D. Chism, 26, Clarksville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Isiah D. Lee, 26, Clarksville, warrant (misdemeanor)


John Mark Adkins Jr., 22, Memphis, driving while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated with prior conviction within seven years, endangering a person, reckless driving



Dennis T. Childs, 34, New Albany, warrant

Melissa Johnson, 40, no address listed, warrant (failure to appear)

Brian P. Robbins, 37, no address listed, warrant

Brandon M. Funk, 25, Louisville, warrant (violation of parole)

Aaron M. Lewis, 30, Salem, warrant (violation of parole)

Charles R. Isaacs, 30, Cincinnati, warrant (hold for Harrison County)

Jeremy B. Babbs, 29, Palmyra, resisting law enforcement, possession of marijuana

Joseph L. Leasock, 22, New Albany, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting law enforcement

Heaven A. Benningfield, 25, Rockville, warrant (court order appearance)

Brandon W. Skeens, 34, no address listed, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia

William R. Washburn, 33, New Albany, needs to sign waiver for Jefferson Co., KY

Shenae L. Terry, 38, no address listed, warrant


John W. Long Jr., 30, Louisville, warrant

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