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Javari Devone Williamson, 27, Louisville, warrant (felony)

John Charles Watkins, 40, Bardstown, KY, warrant (misdemeanor)

Harry A. Wilson, 62, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Michael Gene Barth Jr., 49, Sellersburg, public indecency

Terry Joe Gill, 32, New Albany, warrant (felony)

Tyler Stephen Traver, 34, Charlestown, warrant (felony)

Michael J. Meeks, 45, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Shayne Preston Cecil, 43, Louisville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Robin C. Anderson, 39, Scottsburg, warrant (felony)

Jeremy L. Ogan, 30, Clarksville, court order return

Kelley Suzanne Goodale, 38, Lanesville, warrant (felony)

DellShawn Lamont Cordell Jr., 19, Jeffersonville, domestic battery

Devin Wesley Moss, 20, New Albany, warrant (felony), possession of paraphernalia, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct

Lloyd William McCreary Jr., 53, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

Damonte Lamont Moss, 21, Jeffersonville, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug, schedule I or II drug, resisting law enforcement, possession of marijuana, hash oil or spice with prior conviction

Jay Jackson Hart, 58, Jeffersonville, dealing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia with prior conviction, visiting a common nuisance, drug or alcohol

Byron Forrest, 41, Borden, driving while intoxicated with prior conviction within seven years, carrying handgun without license


Rachel Abele Tanner, 34, Sellersburg, identity deception, hindering law enforcement process

Lawrence William Richardson IV, 25, Clarksville, driving while intoxicated, endangering a person, leaving the scene of an accident



Gilbert R. Mills, 27, no address listed, criminal trespass

Antonio M. Hickerson, 38, Branchville Correctional, court order transfer, hold for Branchville Correctional

William R. Washburn, 33, New Albany, warrant (violation of parole), hold for Jefferson County, KY

Nena L. Maynard, 35, Louisville, warrant (failure to appear)

Jared R. Scifres, 29, Jeffersonville, warrant (violation of parole)

Steven L. Rodewig, 30, Georgertown, possession of methamphetamine

Bradley K. Mangels, 40, no address listed, failure to appear

Sandy G. Lawrence, 58, warrant, hold for Clark County

Eric W. Robinson, 39, New Albany, warrant (failure to appear)

Heather Weiss, Jeffersonville, warrant (failure to appear)

Melisse G. Downs, 53, New Albany, misuse of 911, disorderly conduct

Diamond K. Moore, 22, no address listed, public intoxication, disorderly conduct

Stephen C, Kellams, 39, New Albany, possession of methamphetamine, possession of narcotic drug, possession of a controlled substance, hold for Henry County, KY

Hailey M. Beckmann, 26, New Albany, possession of heroin, possession of syringe



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