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Jordan S. Longfellow, 29, Jeffersonville, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia (possession only), possession of paraphernalia (introduce into body)

Carl Randy Jenkins, 35, Marysville, warrant (felony)

William Robert Furr, 23, South Boston, VA, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Jacinda Rose Couch, 30, Henryville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Michael Gene Barth, 49, Sellersburg, theft

Eric Douglas Bryant, 54, New Albany, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Rebecca Joan Warner, 39, Bagdad, KY, warrant (felony)

Anthony E. Isaac, 37, New Albany, domestic battery, resisting law enforcement

Brittany Renee Lee, 31, Charlestown, warrant (misdemeanor)


Amanda L. Barrett, 29, no address listed, dealing cocaine or narcotic, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug, schedule I or II drug, obstruction of justice, possession of a controlled substance, schedule I-IV

Yuself H. Norris, 34, New Albany, driving while suspended with prior conviction



Cody M. Allen, 23, Eastern Kentucky Correctional, warrant (failure to appear), hold for Eastern Kentucky Correctional

Johnny L. Juliot, 38, Eastern Kentucky Correctional, hold for Eastern Kentucky Correctional

Kelly L. Pollard, 40, Madison, warrant, possession of narcotic drug

Beth L. Johnson, 31, Louisville, warrant (failure to appear)

John D. Roberts, 48, Floyds Knobs, warrant (failure to appear)

Christopher M. Roberts Jr., 34, New Albany, warrant

Steven B. Bezy, 37, Boston, KY, warrant (violation of parole), hold for Louisville Metro

Cody A. Randall, 22, Jeffersonville possession of a controlled substance

Dexter J. Rainey, 41, Jeffersonville, possession of methamphetamine, possession of syringe, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of paraphernalia

Jonathan I. Hale, 22, New Albany, warrant, possession of syringe with prior


Kayla M. Roberts, 26, New Albany, warrant, failure to appear

Jannette K. Scalf, 58, New Albany, driving while intoxicated

Ruben L. O'Neal, 63, New Albany, driving while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated (endangers), reckless driving

Timothy R. Hatler, 63, Louisville, driving while intoxicated

Brett L. Walker, 28, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated (endangers

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