JEFFERSONVILLE — A new shop in Jeffersonville offers healthy drinks and food that can also satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

Jeff City Mix opened last Friday at 2903 E. 10th St. The shop includes smoothies and doughnuts packed with protein, as well as nutritious, energy-boosting tea. The shop is owned by couple Michelle and Alex Diaz, who moved from California to Jeffersonville to start the business.

“It’s all healthy blends or healthy treats,” Michelle said.

On Saturday, Jeff City Mix will have a grand opening celebration from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a DJ, raffles and giveaways.

Before moving to Jeffersonville, Michelle and Alex were living in Torrance, California near Los Angeles, where Michelle worked for a chamber of commerce and Alex worked in a gym as a personal trainer.

When the pandemic hit, both Michelle and Alex faced a cut in hours in their jobs, and they wanted to find a way to supplement their income. They started making and delivering nutritious smoothies and teas, as well as protein doughnuts.

They reached the point where they wanted to open their own shop. As they got back to their full-time jobs, they were still selling their products, and they were constantly busy as they balanced the two jobs, Alex said.

But as they were looking for spaces, they realized it would be too expensive to open a shop in California. Michelle and Alex are friends with a local business owner who told them about the opportunity to open the shop in Southern Indiana, and they moved to Jeffersonville earlier this year.

“We came, we visited and we prayed about it,” Michelle said. “My husband and I are Christians, so before we make any decisions we really try to pray about it and see if it’s the right move, so we prayed about it for a couple months, and then we were like, ‘You know what? I think this is where the Lord is calling us,’ so we decided to move down here.”

“Some of our popular items are our boosted teas, and those give you a boost in energy — a focused energy. They are packed with antioxidants, B vitamins, and they help soothe your digestive system, because we put aloe in there.”

The smoothies used Herbalife Nutrition protein powders, and they serve as a meal replacement offering 25 grams of protein and 200 to 250 calories.

“They are packed with nutrients and vitamins and essentials that are necessary in a healthy and balanced meal,” Michelle said. “So there are a lot of fast food places here, because people are looking for convenience and something they can get quickly on their lunch break, so you can have a smoothie that’s packed with lots of nutrients, fills you up and gives you energy. You’re going to have that energy to be as productive as you can be.”

The boosted teas and smoothies come in a variety of flavors, including flavors named after candies and desserts. Teas range from “Starburst” to “Pineapple Push,” and smoothies include “Cinnabon,” “Fruity Pebbles,” and “Reese’s Cup.”

Seasonal flavors are also available. The fall menu includes smoothie flavors such as “Caramel Apple Crunch” and “Pumpkin Cheesecake,” and the teas include flavors such as “Autumn Berry Chai” and “Sangria.”

“So it’s a lot of different options to fill those cravings that people have that will satisfy their sweet tooth and at the same time give them healthy ingredients,” Michelle said. “It’s not that we are against junk food — we have our share of junk food at times too, but when it comes to Monday through Saturday, six days a week, we want to fuel our bodies right so they can be as healthy as they can be.”

Each protein powder used in the smoothies has the same nutrients, but in different flavors, she said. The smoothies contain minimal dairy, so even those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy the drinks.

They also use sugar-free ingredients such as pudding or syrup in some of the drinks. Nutritional enhancements are available for the teas or smoothies, and coffee filled with protein is also available.

Alex said the chocolate “post-workout” shake is one of his favorite smoothies. The shake “brings the life back” to him after a tough workout at the gym, he said.

They signed the lease for the Jeffersonville space in the middle of May, and initially reached out to local businesses and gyms to provide samples of their drinks and doughnuts to get the word out about the new shop.

“The community honestly has been so receptive, so welcoming,” Michelle said. “There’s nothing like it, so people are really excited to have somewhere they can come and have something healthy and delicious, and that will help with their health overall.”

Michelle said they “immediately felt the love” as soon as they opened their doors last Friday.

“We open our doors at 6:30 a.m., and at 6:27, there was already a customer wanting to come in, so that was so awesome to see that people just couldn’t wait for us to open,” she said.

Alex has enjoyed working alongside Michelle in their own shop, and it has been rewarding running their own business.

“You get to make it your own, and people get to know us,” he said. “Everyone has been so welcoming, and especially being new to the area, it’s just awesome to see how welcoming the community is.”

Michelle said Jeff City Mix is “more than just a smoothie shop to us.”

“For us, we love building relationships with others, we love just making friends,” she said.

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