SOUTHERN INDIANA — The Jeffersonville architecture firm that lost three employees in a small plane crash on Friday says colleagues are grieving, but still providing the services the company's founder would expect of them. 

TEG Architects founder and President Wayne Estopinal, VP of Business Development Sandy Johnson and company pilot Andrew Davis died when the Chicago-bound Cessna Citation CJ-2 they were aboard crashed near Crone and Beyl Roads in Memphis around 11:30 a.m. Friday. The plane had taken off from the Clark Regional Airport just minutes before. 

Estopinal founded TEG 29 years ago, according to a statement from TEG. Estopinal was also one of the founders of LouCity FC. 

"He was a visionary, an innovator and capable of extraordinary architecture resulting from his incredibly hard work ethic and uncompromising attention to client satisfaction," the statement reads. "Wayne was also a superior teacher to all of his staff. He generously shared his time to mentor, educate and inspire others while striving to promote quality and efficiency in design. In addition to inspiring many staff, he provided exceptional internships to more than 140 architectural student interns; immersing them in all aspects of planning and design."

Johnson, a Louisiana native, was described as "an extraordinary liaison" for the firm. 

"The dedication to her family, staff, clients, colleagues that she possessed was unlike any other."

Davis, a Sellersburg native, was new to the firm, but considered a seasoned pilot. 

"But most importantly [he was] a dedicated, loving husband and father."

He was the father of two and attended Northside Christian Church. 

"While grieving, the TEG family will recover and looks forward to continuing to provide our services," the statement continues. "Our partners, Ernie Dreher, Kyle Wilson and Joel Wallace will ensure our firm will continue to meet the same high-quality standards, uncompromising commitment, and outstanding effort that Wayne expected."

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