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Chad Reischl

JEFFERSONVILLE — A familiar face will be stepping into a new role at Jeffersonville's Department of Planning and Zoning.

For three years, Chad Reischl has served as the long-range planner for the city, working on many of the significant projects that have happened in that time. With the unexpected ouster of Nathan Pruitt earlier this month, Reischl has now ascended to the role of planning and zoning director.

"Everything that the city has been putting forward with long-term plans and changing the landscape, Chad's played a pretty pivotal role in all of that," Mayor Mike Moore said. "I've had several developers and residents weigh in with positive input on him. I’ve found him extremely customer-friendly and progressive. I think he’s a great fit for the City of Jeffersonville.”

Reischl was named to the position Nov. 6, the same day Pruitt was let go, Moore said.

Moving forward, Reischl said there are a number of things that will have his attention. From a development perspective, there isn't a small pool of projects from which to choose, as the city has seen growth in a number of sections.

"I certainly have an interest in long-range planning," Reischl said. "Things like Jeff Boat and the Census Bureau relocation are on my screen. North of Interstate 265, we haven’t done a whole lot of planning since it was annexed. That might be something I focus on.”

Another area of focus for Reischl is updating what's on the books for developers. According to Reischl, the zoning ordinance hasn't had a full update since 2001.

While a full update isn't necessary, he said there are a few codes that have caused avoidable issues for developers. One that sticks out to him is the landscape code.

"Almost every developer needs some waiver from the landscape code," he said. "It ends up meaning people need to provide an excessive amount of landscaping rather than what I consider the correct amount of landscaping. One example we had is this new hotel that was going up downtown. The code mandated an amount trees based on the square footage of the building. Well, the building is four stories, so it asked for over 160 trees."

Filling in for Reischl will be Shawn Dade, who previously worked for the city. According to Moore, he will be rejoining the office in December.

Shelby Moore, the mayor's eldest daughter, will be also be joining the team as planning and zoning administrator.

"It’s a lot of administrative assistant duties," Mayor Moore said. "You’ll see her doing a lot of legwork for Chad and Shawn."

A records request was submitted to the City of Jeffersonville by the News and Tribune on Nov. 8 seeking any and all documents related to the termination of Pruitt. City officials have responded with a deadline of Dec. 13.

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