Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill 

INDIANA — Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill will be suspended for 30 days, following a decision Monday by the Indiana Supreme Court on allegations of improper conduct during a 2018 event. 

The court's decision comes after the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission filed a complaint against Hill stating that he engaged in professional misconduct when he inappropriately touched four women at an event following the close of the 2018 Indiana legislative session.

"Respondent (Hill) engaged in acts against four women — a state representative and three legislative assistants — that involved various forms of nonconsensual and inappropriate touching," according to the Monday order. He is also charged with misdemeanor battery. 

Hill's suspension is set to start on May 18 and last for 30 days. If there are no other disciplinary issues in that time period, he will be automatically reinstated at the end of that time. 

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