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CLARK COUNTY — Two Kentucky residents are facing attempted murder charges following a shooting in Marysville.

Archie Lambert, of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, is charged with attempted murder and criminal recklessness connected to shooting a firearm into a building, as well as stalking. All three charges are felonies.

His wife, Teresa Lambert, of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, is facing felony charges of attempted murder and criminal recklessness connected to shooting a firearm into a building. Those two charges are also felonies.

According to the probable cause affidavit, officers were called to a home in Marysville on Monday night after a report of a shooting.

When they got to the home they were met by David Goodwin, who said he was watching videos on his cellphone inside the master bedroom of the residence when he heard around five to six gunshots and felt his arm burning from a bullet, which had apparently grazed it.

He said he called 911 and told police Archie Lambert was a possible suspect in the shooting. Goodwin said Lambert had allegedly been calling his phone since March, leaving messages that said Lambert knew where Goodwin lived, his day was coming and he was going to have a bad day. Goodwin said on that date, Archie Lambert left him a message saying “I know where you live, you messed with a married woman, she was married.”

He said his three-year-old granddaughter and his daughter’s boyfriend, Matthew Goodwin, were in the home at the time. He said Matthew went outside with a shotgun in case the subjects returned.

Matthew told police he was playing video games when he heard the gunshots and grabbed the shotgun. According the the probable cause affidavit, there was a shattered headboard mirror and bullet holes in the walls.

During the investigation the Clark County Sheriff’s Office was able to detain Teresa and Archie Lambert. The traffic stop took place at Indiana 62 and R Auto.

Teresa and Archie Lambert remained in Clark County jail as of Thursday.

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