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JEFFERSONVILLE — Every day for the past several weeks, Claysburg resident Vanessa Brown has been watching as the message of vibrancy, strength and unity comes to life through a soon-to-be finished mural in the heart of the neighborhood.


Jeffersonville Township Public Library’s Genealogy and Local History Librarian Diane Stepro will lead a Zoom program from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Aug. 20 for patrons who need to gather family history information from unfamiliar locations.

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INDIANA — There have now been 950 cases of COVID-19 reported among Clark County residents and 609 among Floyd County residents to date, the Indiana State Department of Health reported Tuesday.

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SOUTHERN INDIANA — There’s a certain time of year 9-year-old Addie Roberts looks forward to more than most others — the week she spends in Henryville at Camp Quality, a weeklong summer camp for children who have or are dealing with cancer.

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SOUTHERN INDIANA — Of the roughly 800 local volunteers in the Hope Southern Indiana Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), a select few are recognized each year an an annual awards ceremony for their outstanding service to their communities.


The Indiana Department of Insurance, the state’s insurance regulator, is alerting Hoosiers 65 and older that there is a Special Enrollment Period for Part B of Medicare without penalties.

Probably like most of you, I don’t like the pandemic. I don’t like that I am not able to see and especially hug my loved ones. I don’t like that some people are experiencing harder than normal times. I certainly do not like that some have faced the illness and even loss of loved ones and hav…

A couple of columns ago I talked about how here at the Lobeck household we have started a “top-10” list on a chalkboard. This top-10 list is made up of dishes that are, well, considered one of our all-time top-10 culinary creations made by one of us.

Our family loves meatloaf. In my opinion it’s right up there with the top American comfort foods ever developed. If done correctly it can be moist, hearty and flavorful. If prepared incorrectly it can be a culinary experience that you never forget.

We had some leftover grilled lamb chops from our Easter dinner. We always have a challenge as to what to do with leftover lamb chops. I had grilled them with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. We then served them with mint jelly. They were delicious.

Growing up, one of my favorite “kid” sandwiches was peanut butter and pickle on white bread. Most people I mention this to just stare at me as if I was trying to convince them that the earth is in fact, flat.

Well, it finally happened. My Weber kettle grill finally bit the dust after over a decade of tasty service. So until I get a new one I am forced to grill on our gas grill, which I hadn’t used for quite some time.

As we go through the quarantine period to battle the coronavirus and think about times our ancestors lived through, we realize that what we are doing now in our everyday lives is history being made.

During a stroll through a local bookstore about a year ago, the title on the cover made the book leap off the shelf and into my hands. “The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America.”

I don’t know about you, but now that everything has been canceled and I’m social distancing myself, I’ve found I have a lot more time to assess the green spaces in my yard. What I have noticed are things that I don’t like: bare patches in the lawn, weeds coming up in my flower beds, plant st…

Liz and I absolutely love pasta. And unfortunately, one of our bucket list items, visiting Rome, just got cancelled due to this stupid coronavirus. I’m still frustrated that this virus seems to have been named after a fairly smooth Mexican beer. It’s been recently reported that Corona is sta…

NEW ALBANY — Tickets for TheatreWorks of SoIN production of “Little Women: The Broadway Musical” are now available. Performances will take place at TheatreWorks of SoIN’s home in the former historic Indiana State Bank Building, 203 E. Main St., in downtown New Albany.

JEFFERSONVILLE — It’s not hard to find a spot for a beer in downtown Jeffersonville today, with several watering holes within a few blocks of each other near the Ohio River. But historians say the area was once much more densely packed with bars, saloons or — during Prohibition — “cafes” wit…

Most often I share about actions that relate to helping young people grow up strong, healthy and resilient. Actions are indeed essential. It is just as vital that we model and help our youth learn and practice attitudes that help each of us, regardless of age, have the best life possible.

Some interests we develop over time can unintentionally make you feel a bit old. My recent interest in cast iron skillets would certainly qualify. But, if you are a foodie, join me in this culinary discussion.

Do you celebrate the season of Lent at your church? We are still most of the month away from the beginning of Lent. This year the season begins on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Rather than it sneaking up on us, let’s circle the date on the calendar and make plans on keeping the season together.

I assure you this will be the final vegetarian recipe that I share with you from our month of vegetarianism. I’m sharing it because Liz and I both concluded it was one of the best pasta dishes we have ever made at home, and I’m not joking. It’s quick and easy to make. We found the recipe on …

One of my favorite dishes in the winter months is thick, spicy and hearty chili. In fact, Liz has a recipe that she has been tweaking and adjusting for over two decades, and it’s absolutely delicious. Now, if you were an absolute purest about chili, Liz’s chili would not technically qualify …

Yep. You read that correctly. As regular readers now, Liz and I decided to become vegetarians for the full month of January. We are finishing our second week and I have to tell you, it’s not been as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, some of the dishes have been absolutely outstanding. I…

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CLARKSVILLE — A recent study could mean significant changes to a major roadway connecting New Albany to Clarksville, but officials plan to look closely at the potential projects before any decisions are made.

Yep. You read that correctly. This is not fake news. Liz and I decided to shake things up a bit in our culinary world and go vegetarian for all of January. Simply put, no meat products, not even fish.

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting a column last week. We were in Destin for a vacation, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I was off by a day regarding the submission deadline. When I thought it was Thursday it was actually Friday, but that’s what happens on vacations or when you ar…

If I had a journalist that I looked to growing up, it would have been Paul Harvey. Harvey was a conservative American radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks until his death in 2009. His News and Comment broadcast aired mornings and mid-days and at noon on Saturdays. His listening audie…

The holiday season is always a time for reflection and giving thanks. I thought now would be a good time to reflect back on the accomplishments in 2019, look ahead to 2020, and give thanks to those who help make all of the wonderful things happen.

Last Sunday we decided to have a simple meal of roasted chicken with vegetables. But, we were having guests over, so we decided to use a second chicken to make sure we had plenty of food for everyone. And then Liz came up with an interesting idea. She suggested we cook the second chicken in …

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NEW ALBANY — Local skateboarders itching to test the New Albany Flow Park won't have long to wait — the project is slated to be done by the end of the month and expected to be a big draw for both hometown and touring skaters.

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