Chicken wings

Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love Buffalo wings. If we go to a restaurant or a bar and I notice Buffalo wings on the menu, I’ll give them a try, given certain caveats. The first caveat is that they cannot be breaded or battered. Usually when I ask that question I get a perplexed look, as I’m guessing that specific question isn’t asked all that frequently. But I take my wings seriously. The second caveat is that they cannot be coated with some sweet BBQ sauce. A Buffalo wing has a specific sauce that is primarily hot sauce, butter and vinegar.

So let’s take this dish to the grill. Usually I’ll grill/smoke wings and sometimes thighs. But drumsticks were on sale and it dawned on me that's I have never made a Buffalo chicken leg. The more I thought about it, it actually made more sense than a thigh, as thighs are dark meat while wings and legs are white meat.

Authentic Buffalo Sauce

1 1⁄2 cups Frank’s Hot Sauce

1⁄2 stick of unsalted butter

4 Tbs white wine vinegar

1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce (optional)

Set up your grill with indirect heat, meaning your coals (or your gas grill, Tex) have the heat concentrated on one side of the grill. I used applewood chips as my smoking wood of choice. With the sauce, melt the butter over medium heat. Then add the hot sauce, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Mix well until it comes to a very gently boil. Then turn the heat off. On the legs, I put some cracked pepper on them, but no salt, as I feel the hot sauce takes care of that. Place them on the grill opposite the fire source. Divide the sauce into two bowls and brush them with the Buffalo sauce. Keep your bowls separate unless you are in the mood for violent flu-like symptoms. Add the wood chips (Tex, you would need a smoking box for gas grills) and close the lid with vents 50 percent open. Smoke for ten minutes then apply the sauce again out of the same bowl. Smoke them for another fifteen minutes and then finish them off over the coals or gas flame if you want a bit of char. Otherwise smoke a little longer. Discard the bowl of sauce that you have been basting the legs with and toss the legs with the bowl of fresh sauce. Serve with bleu cheese or ranch dressing and some celery and carrots sticks. These were awesome. I think legs will be my go-to choice when making Buffalo chicken on the grill. Enjoy!

— Dave Lobeck is an Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Jeffersonville by day and a BBQ enthusiast on nights and weekends. Liz is his wife. You can contact Dave with your BBQ, cooking or grilling questions at You can also visit their YouTube channel at ​​!

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