The Jeffersonville man responsible for the March 2006 death of Kyle Vissing has received a 16-year sentence, but will spend as little as three years in prison.

On Wednesday, Clark Superior Court 3 Judge Steve Fleece sentenced 22-year-old Matt Chinn at the conclusion of a three-hour, 20-minute hearing that occurred less than a month after Chinn entered blind guilty pleas to class B and class C felonies relating to the one-car crash that killed Vissing on March 18, 2006, in Sylvan Park.

Chinn’s blood-alcohol level was .237, nearly three times the legal limit, and he was driving more than 80 miles an hour through Oak Park when his Mini Cooper left the road and crashed into a tree 245 feet into Sylvan Park, which has since been renamed for Vissing.

The sentence Fleece issued for Chinn, who has a history of legal problems dating to two months after he turned 16, has three components: six years in prison, five years with Clark County Community Corrections and five years of probation.

Chinn could spend as little as three years in prison, with credit for good time served. The community correction component of his sentence includes a minimum of two years on work release, with the program’s director determining whether he will spend the remaining three years on work-release, home incarceration or reporting daily.

Asked if justice was served, Carole Vissing, Kyle’s mother, said, “I feel like it depends on Matt’s behavior. I feel like it was a very light sentence. I was very surprised.”

Asked the same question, defense attorney Brad Jacobs said justice was served “as much as it could be. [Chinn] can never undo what he did.”

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