A Charlestown man who served briefly as a Clark County Corrections Officer has resigned his position and now faces criminal charges for alleged sexual impropriety with inmates, according to court records.

Anthony Duane Davenport, 46, faces two class D felony sexual battery charges and the class A misdemeanor trafficking with an inmate, according to a probable-cause affidavit filed in Clark County Superior Court No. 1.

Each D felony could put Davenport in jail for six months to three years, while the misdemeanor could add up to an additional year of incarceration.

Davenport worked as a corrections officer for about five months, said Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden in a telephone interview Thursday. Rodden said when Davenport was confronted with reports of him coercing two female inmates to expose themselves to him, one for cigarettes, he resigned his position.

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