The Floyd County Commissioners approved an ordinance Tuesday to allow off-road vehicles on county roads.

But only for agricultural purposes.

The ordinance states that off-road vehicles “shall be used only as a means of transportation in connection with agricultural activities; provided, however, that the vehicle may be operated by the farmer or by a non-farmer in connection with agricultural activity.”

The vehicle must have its lights on at all times and must travel on the right side of the road. Off-road vehicles will still be regulated by state law.

“This is to help the farming community,” said Steve Bush, president of the Floyd County Commissioners. “Farmers have said ATVs help them get around easier, especially if they are older or if cattle get out. We need to do what we can to help the farmers out.”

The ordinance requires drivers to be licensed and have liability insurance.

Bush said he does not think this ordinance will open the door for illegal use of off-road vehicles.

“This ordinance is strictly for the farming community and agriculture,” he said. “This just gives the farmer an extra tool.”

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