New Albany City Councilwoman Beverly Crump is proposing the council ask Floyd County to spend $260,000 from its 911 fund over the next two years to give raises to city dispatchers.

The city’s 12 dispatchers make about $12 to $13 an hour now, and several work multiple jobs.

The Communication Workers of America is still negotiating its contract with the city, seeking a 10 percent wage hike that officials have been loath to grant.

The county’s 911 fund is supported by a fee on telephone customers, and though it is eligible to be spent on salaries, similar requests of smaller amounts than $260,000 have failed in the past. The fund also goes toward communication equipment expenses.

The bill cites that council members “feel that it would be fair for the county to make such contribution since the fund receives payments from the residents of New Albany and since the emergency system serves residents of the county.”

Floyd County Commissioners control the county’s financial requests. They next meet Tuesday, the day after the council meeting.

— Staff writer Eric Scott Campbell

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