A pair of dockets relating to a request to decrease the proposed density of Allison Courtyards was tabled by the Jeffersonville Plan Commission on Tuesday because the developer had not received a staff report relating to recommended conditions that could be tied to the dockets’ approvals.

Developer Jimmy Johns proposes decreasing the density of the condominium project from 145 to 119 units. Johns was asking that a series of buildings in the development’s second phase be changed from a mixture of two- to nine-unit structures to duplexes.

Engineer Jason Copperwaite said Johns — who purchased the project after the original plan was approved — wants to change the project because there is more of a market for ranch-style duplexes rather than other condominium styles.

Allison Courtyards is located along Allison Lane, just northwest of Middle Road.

Planning and Development Director Chester Hicks said he completed the staff report “very recently” and agreed that it might not have been delivered to Johns yet.

The main sticking point with Hicks’ report, which he read during Tuesday’s meeting, seemed to be the recommendation that Johns construct a six-foot-high wall to buffer Allison Courtyards from a neighborhood of single-family homes.

“A six-foot high brick wall is an imposing structure,” said Greg Fifer, an attorney representing Johns.

Fifer and Copperwaite estimated that the wall could run as long as 1,500 linear feet, based on Hicks’ recommendation.

People who live near Allison Courtyards expressed concerns about traffic problems in their neighborhood if the condominium project is connected to Robin Lane, as was required when the development was originally approved.

“We do not want Robin (Lane) open,” said Lisa Hill, who lives on Cardinal Lane.

Meadowlark Lane resident Genevive Griffin said connecting Allison Courtyards to Robin Lane would only increase problems at the traffic signal at the intersection of Allison and Meadowlark.

“Allison Lane should be a four-lane highway,” Griffin said.

Johns would not require additional Plan Commission approval to complete the development’s original design.

“We can still do what we originally proposed?” he asked before leaving the meeting.

“Yes,” said Plan Commission Chairman Hal Kovert.

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