Police say a Jeffersonville burglar discovered that it’s pretty difficult to hide from them — especially in a chimney.

Detective Todd Hollis with the Jeffersonville Police Department said a resident in Jeffersonville’s North Haven subdivision called police about 10 a.m. Friday after a suspicious man came to his door offering lawn-care services. The neighbor watched the man go to a different home then walk around to its rear after realizing no one was home.

When police arrived, they saw a ladder leading up to a window of a home along the 1200 block of Red Wood Court. Police attempted to call out to the burglar, but he refused to come outside.

A K-9 unit from Charlestown later found a man — who identified himself as 33-year-old Grover Calloway — hiding inside the home’s chimney, Hollis said. He had four watches and a bottle of prescription

medication with him, all belonging to the home’s owner.

The thief later told police he lied about his identity and that his real name is Derrick Simmons, 26. Hollis said they have not been able to verify that, and plan to use fingerprints to positively identify him.

He is being held on a $15,000 bond at the Clark County Jail on charges of burglary, resisting law enforcement and intimidation for some threatening remarks he made to an officer during his arrest, Hollis said.

Before being taken to jail, he was treated for some minor wounds he sustained from the K-9 officer.

Hollis said officers believe the man was using his lawn- care pitch to see which homes were empty. However, Hollis said no other burglary reports had been made to the Jeffersonville Police Department as of Friday afternoon.

Hollis said just last week, residents of the North Haven subdivision began forming a neighborhood watch program.

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