The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library’s bookmobile may have made its last stop.

The library board voted last month to park the bookmobile in January to study its feasibility. However, Library Director Steve Day said Friday the bookmobile will be sidelined until July, and then the issue will be revisited.

“I hate to see it parked because it was my idea,” Day said. “But it’s not cheap to run and our budget is tight. We will have to wait and see if we have money to operate it.”

Day said the bookmobile cost about $85,000 a year to operate — which includes workers, insurance, fuel and other maintenance costs.

Day said he would like to see a permanent home for the bookmobile in the county. He is hoping Georgetown or Greenville might be able to use it as a branch of the library.

However, it would need to be housed under cover, and finding the right spot will be difficult, he said.

The bookmobile made stops throughout the county Monday through Friday and was a mini-library on wheels — full of books, tapes and had Internet access. The library bought the vehicle for $150,000 in 2002 thanks to several grants, including ones from the Caesars Foundation of Floyd County and the Build Indiana Fund.

The library’s submitted budget for 2008 is $2.3 million, but Day said that budget could be cut. He also said he will have to borrow money around Valentine’s Day to make up for a lack of cash flow, since it could be several months before the library receives its tax revenue.

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