To complete sewer clearing required by the Environmental Protection Agency, New Albany officials have ordered the closing of portions of Daisy Lane from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. for a span of up to two weeks beginning Sunday.

The New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety voted unanimously Tuesday to close sections of the street so Environmental Management Corp. — the agency in charge of the city’s sewer system — can complete routine cleaning and televising of lines.

“Residents will be informed of impending work by hand, bill and by signage,” EMC official Scott Wilkenson said.

The company will conduct the cleaning in three different stages, beginning with lines on Daisy Lane to Coyle Drive. Wilkenson said that step will take an estimated two to three nights of work and will be followed by cleaning from Coyle Drive to Green Valley Road on Daisy Lane.

He estimates that stage will take one or two nights of work, as will the final stage from Green Valley Road to Zurschmeide Drive.

Wilkenson said the stages will be completed one right after the other and should be done within a week, but just in case, he requested closures for a two-week period.

The first closure stage will run from Sunday until March 27. The second stage, if needed, will go from March 31 to April 4.

EMC Program Manager Brian Dixon said night work hopefully will keep traffic congestion and detours to a minimum.

“The road will be open every day at 5:30 a.m. and there will be no daytime closures,” he said.

Board President Matt Denison asked about possible noise issues, to which Wilkenson replied there would be “some noise” to the equivalent of 15 minutes out of every two hours.

Wilkenson said he could not define how much noise residents would have to endure, but hopes it will not be too disruptive. Extra EMC personnel will be on site to guarantee local access for residents, Wilkenson said. They also will be charged with making sure emergency vehicles can get down Daisy Lane.


• Back in Time Car Club’s request to close the north side of Market Street between State Street and West First Street for a car show on April 13 was granted. The club also will have to appear before the Redevelopment Commission to ask for use of a garage for the annual event.

• The board approved a final change order for the Mt. Tabor Road improvement project.

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