Mixed use Woerner Avenue

The Cornerstone Group plans to complete a four-story mixed use building as one of the anchors to the redevelopment of Clarksville's Woerner Avenue by fall 2020. 

CLARKSVILLE — A $22 million mixed-use project planned for Clarksville’s Woerner Avenue is expected to help kick off major redevelopment efforts in the area. 

The Cornerstone Group has announced plans to start within the next 60 days on construction of a four-story building, which will have roughly 100 luxury apartments, micro-retail space and private office suites. The new development will join the planned adaptive redevelopment project for an Aloft Hotel in part of the former Colgate building. 

“This is truly a mixed use, public private partnership,” said Cory Hoehn, vice president of Cornerstone. “It’s going to be pretty transformative for Woerner Avenue and kind of jumpstart the entire area, so we’re really excited about it.”

The three upper floors will make up about 135,000 square feet of the facility, and hold the one- to two-bedroom luxury apartments. The roughly 35,000 square feet of the ground floor will include not only the micro retail and offices spaces, but community and shared conference areas. 

The project will include a rooftop deck overlooking the river, complete with an outdoor kitchen and lounge space, accessible to all tenants of the building.

“That’s going to be pretty stunning,” Hoehn said. “It’s going to be an unmatched view for anything that’s in Southern Indiana right now.”

The plan is for the project to start in August or September, and take about 14 to 16 months to complete. Clarksville Redevelopment Director Dylan Fisher said the project and the new hotel will line right up with ongoing infrastructure improvements the town is installing for the redeveloped area.

"Those will be two projects that will really kick off redevelopment activities," he said. "They're coming at a great time."

The redevelopment commission recently awarded a $6.74 million bid to Mac Construction for the Woerner Avenue Reconstruction Project, expected to be completed in summer 2020. The Cornerstone project is expected to finish by that fall.

"So while we're down there installing the infrastructure, both of these projects will be going vertical," Fisher said.

He added that he expects the projects to bring more momentum to the area plans, which when finished will serve as a downtown main street for the town.

"We knew as soon as we started turning dirt down there and making it a physical and monetary investment, it would assist the development interest in the area," he said, adding that he expects more projects to be added within the coming year.

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