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JEFFERSONVILLE — A man is facing a felony charge after police say he left the scene after hitting a cyclist with his car in July.

Ryan M. Brewer, 27, is charged with a level 4 felony for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death or catastrophic injury and a class C misdemeanor for operating a vehicle without a license.

According to text messages briefed in the court records, police believe that Brewer was on his way to the victim’s house July 29 for the two to return some merchandise to a local department store when he said he received a text, looked at his phone and then hit something while driving on Grandview Drive.

“I did not know what I had hit because I slammed on my brakes immediately,” Brewer said in a statement listed in the court document. “When I stopped and looked to see what had happened I realized that I had hit someone riding a bicycle. I panicked. I did not stop. I failed to remain at the scene of this accident. I did not contact the police or any other government agency.”

Surveillance footage showed a blue or teal car traveling east on Grandview drive when it hit the man on the bicycle, who appeared to be turning around in the street. A search warrant for the car showed a six-inch-long dent between the windshield and the driver’s side window.

The victim was transported to University of Louisville Health, where he stayed on a ventilator in the trauma unit for 30 days. He also received 10 broken ribs and a severe head injury with possibly long-term memory loss. He was moved to a rehabilitation center around Sept. 1.

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