Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy

Charles Hurt and Myra Escott stand inside the new Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy location in Greentree Mall on Tuesday.

CLARKSVILLE — The customers at the new Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy’s Fun Zone in Green Tree Mall say the store’s unique flavors are on target. That’s what a patron doing Christmas shopping told owner Charles Hurt on Tuesday afternoon.

Hurt and his aunt, Myra Escott, are partners in the business that opened this Clarksville franchise a few weeks ago. The original Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy, in New Albany, is now closed while the team works to get the new Fun Zone venture up to speed. The building in New Albany at Vincennes Street and Spring Street sustained thousands of dollars in damage when a driver crashed a vehicle into it last month.

“We will open it back up, it will give more time for (construction) people to get the work done,” Hurt said. “The thing is to keep going...think big and it will come true.”

The walls of the Fun Zone are lined with colorful gourmet cotton candy and popcorn. Escott said the Cookies and Cream flavor, with actual cookie pieces inside, has been a best seller at this location over the past few weeks. Banana and Birthday Cake are also very popular.

Large bounce houses, from Hurt’s New Albany Inflatables business, fill the space that he envisioned as only a kiosk at first.

“(Green Tree Mall) said why don’t you combine New Albany Inflatables and Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy and bring it into the mall,” he said, adding the location is working with other businesses in the mall, like Chicago City Pizza.

The Fun Zone has space for birthday parties, a dance floor and inflatables for kids of all ages. It’s located near the Dillard’s in the mall. The hours match the mall’s hours, which will go back from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. after the holidays.

Admission is $10 per child at the door or $7.50 if purchased ahead online.

“A lot of people just don’t know (the store) is here right now, we tell people to spread the word,” Escott said. “We’ve had several people on Sunday who said they had an hour wait at Texas Roadhouse. They ventured here by word of mouth.”

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