Brad Snyder

Brad Snyder

SOUTHERN INDIANA — Local school districts are using federal stimulus funding to provide stipends for teachers for extra work related to the pandemic.

The boards of both New Albany-Floyd County Schools and Greater Clark County Schools approved memorandums of understanding for teacher stipends this week. The money will come from the second round of federal COVID-19 relief.

Greater Clark unanimously voted for the stipends at its Tuesday meeting, and NAFC unanimously approved stipends at its Monday meeting.


In NAFC, any teacher who has worked more than 120 days in a year with the qualifications of the MOU will receive $1,250, and any qualified teacher who worked between 90 and 119 days will receive $600.

Bill Briscoe, assistant superintendent for administration and operations, said he believes a high percentage of teachers will receive the higher amount.

Briscoe said teachers in NAFC will be required to turn in documentation by the end of May of their “extra time and effort.”

“We feel strongly that teachers have stepped up big time this year,” he said. “They’ve had a fantastic year, they’ve worked extremely hard with what they’ve had to do with the hybrid situations.”

NAFC Superintendent Brad Snyder said during this “difficult year, teachers had to learn a lot of new skills and a lot of new items.”

“I think it’s very justified,” he said.


In Greater Clark, a $1,000 stipend will be given to any permanent Greater Clark employee who is actively employed as of May 7 of 2021 or on paid leave status as of May 7 and works an average of at least 30 hours a week.

A $500 stipend will be given to all permanent Greater Clark employees who are actively employed as of May 7 or on paid leave status and work an average of less than 30 hours a week.

Greater Clark Superintendent Mark Laughner said the district has “asked a lot of our teachers and classified staff throughout this year.”

“Our most important asset in any school district is our people, whether it be students [or] staff,” he said.

Greater Clark board member Janelle Fitzpatrick said she appreciates the district’s focus on supporting the staff working in Greater Clark schools.

“That’s just awesome that I feel I’m a board member for a school system who has people like you all.”

Board member Teresa Bottorff-Perkins said that over the past year, the challenges have “highlighted the stamina and empathy and professionalism of our staff.”

“I think this is a wonderful treat — they deserve it,” she said.

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