NEW ALBANY — The New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. Board will continue to meet once a month, and have four work sessions during the year.

But two members don't know if that is enough.

Superintendent Brad Snyder recommended the board continue with the 16 meetings a year — 12 regular meetings plus four others — a model that the corporation has followed for the past nine years.

Snyder listed several reasons to keep the current schedule, including respecting members' personal time.

However, Lee Ann Wiseheart said she has been a member under three superintendents and prefers two meetings a month.

"As a board I feel like we were more in tune with schools and up to speed," she said. "To me, my time to serve is a privilege and not a burden."

Rebecca Gardenour said it should be up to board members, not the administration, to decide how many times they meet a year.

"I think we work better when we have two meetings a month," she said. "I think we had more production."

Snyder said 16 meetings is the minimum, and if the board needs more meetings the administration will support that decision.

Joe Brown, a first-year board member, said he has been on many boards during his professional career and none have met more than once a month.

"Every two weeks comes around extremely quick," he said. "This year I support it [once a month], I will see how it works out and then I will re-evaluate it."

The measure passed 5-2 with Wiseheart and Gardenour voting against it.

Chris Morris is an assistant editor at the News and Tribune. Contact him via email at Follow him on Twitter: @NAT_ChrisM.

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