Clark County election night 2019 .jpg

From left to right: Clark County Election Board member Andy Steele, attorney Mickey Weber and Clark County Republican party Chair Jamey Noel check out vote totals Monday night

CLARK COUNTY — There were fewer ballots cast in Clark County in this year's municipal election than in 2015, but those cast make up a higher percentage of registered voters.

Numbers posted at the Clark County Clerk's Office just after 8 p.m. Election Day show that of the 67,622 registered voters in Clark County, 20,365 cast ballots in this year's mayoral, city and town races — a 30% voter turnout.

In 2015, 22,955 ballots were cast of the 81,506 registered voters, or 28% voter turnout. Of those, 2,714 were straight-party Republican tickets and 2,610 straight-party Democratic tickets.

This year brought quite a few more straight-party Republican tickets, 3,691 compared to 2,447 straight Democratic tickets.

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