Marie Hughes

Marie Hughes, tearfully asked the judge to keep Kylie Jenks behind bars. 

NEW ALBANY (WAVE) - A request for a reduced sentence was met with a grandmother’s tears Thursday in a Floyd County courtroom, newsgathering partner WAVE3 News reports.

Three small children died in a fire in a New Albany home that shook the community in 2014. The fire started when a group of teens in a passing car shot a flare through front window of the small frame house on Ealy Street.

As the driver of the car, Kylie Jenks was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Now five years later, Jenks is asking to be released.

Hughes children (copy)

Clockwise from top left: Trinity Hughes, Tai'zah Hughes, Taty'ana Hughes and Tyrese Hughes (Source: Marie Hughes Clark/WAVE 3 News)

The children’s grandmother, Marie Hughes, tearfully asked the judge to keep Jenks behind bars.

“My grandbabies are not coming back. Why should she get to go free?” Hughes said. “Our pain is not going anywhere. Our pain is not getting any easier for us. She shouldn’t even ask for this. That’s not right. That’s not remorse. That’s not accepting responsibility for what you did.”

Three of Hughes’ grandchildren perished in the fire, while one survived with severe burns.

Jenks read a prepared statement to the court emphasizing the studies and programs she had completed while being bars.

Three children perished in the fire on Ealy Street in 2014, while one survived with severe burns.

“This case is an unbelievable tragedy,” defense attorney Niles Driskell said. “But given that, Miss Jenks has availed herself of many opportunities while she’s been incarcerated to educate herself, to be rehabilitated and quite frankly, to mature.”

“My idea of remorse is serve your time for what you did,” Hughes said. “Pay for what you did, diligently. Just do the time because you did the crime. Pay for what you did and just get it over with. Don't ask to be released when you took three lives.”

Floyd Circuit Court Judge J. Terrence Cody took the request under advisement.

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