NEW ALBANY — A New Albany man is in custody facing child molestation charges after allegations he inappropriately touched a child who had been at his home in early December.

David R. Bates, 59, is charged with a level 1 and level 4 felony for child molestation; a warrant was issued Tuesday. Police say the victim is a child under 5 years old.

Court records show that on Jan. 15, New Albany police received information from an out-of-state police agency regarding allegations of possible sexual abuse toward a child said to have happened the month prior.

Police said the child had stayed with Bates and another person in their New Albany home on Dec. 1. The child later told her parents that Bates had touched her inappropriately and told her to keep it a secret. The parents also said she had been acting sad when she came home from the stay.

When police interviewed the defendant, he said that while it’s possible he could have touched the child while they were asleep, he doesn’t believe that to be the case, and if it did happen, it was not intentional. He denied telling the child to keep a secret.

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